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The company's lawyer is part of California's largest plaintiffs and has several years of experience. After working for a long time in a prestigious company, we established our own company dedicated to the damaged individuals and groups of individuals, and we have been placed in a worse position in the past as corporations. There are locations also in Sunnyvale and Santa Barbara. Matthew H. Fisher is a lawyer in charge of the content of this profile.

Established in 2012


A lawyer specializing in general litigation, personal injury, employment (labor rights), consumer protection and product defects. Represents the individuals or groups of individuals who bring lawsuits against physically, emotionally, or financially damaged companies.

Matt Fisher was born and raised in the southern part of California, and was born in California.

Matthew F.
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Matt was good at walking inside and outside in my particular situation. His advice is excellent, and I would like to recommend him sincerely.

12/25/2020 05:39am



Matt Fisher was glad to work together, He is useful, knowledgeable and patient, and very kind to himself.
I am willing to accept the results of my case and recommend them to those who need their services!

12/28/2020 02:28am



Matt responds well.  He made the process very simple. I recommend him to everyone.

12/30/2020 09:19pm



Devega Fisher Mechtenberg's law firm made me feel very important to me in dealing with my case. The lawyer made sure to contact me by email, phone or email to keep my situation up to date. It was fun to do business with the company, so you can use it if you need it. It's just amazing that they tell me how to deal with my case to make sure I get the results I deserve! If you can add more stars, I'll bet!

01/01/2021 03:11pm



Matthew was very expert and very sensitive when I got a question. He received the stress of solving my case and dealing only with individuals, which was great throughout my proceedings, by continuing to update and publish what was happening! ! Absolutely recommend him and his team! !

12/27/2020 12:34pm



The lawyer was eating when he called me.  Is this a new accident? !

I brought up what I called on another issue.   It's just a bad sign.   Just like!  I don't like how to screen all

calls.  They don't have a reception to answer the phone.   You hit three! !

12/27/2020 01:51pm



I was very impressed by the gentlemen of DFM.  I sent an email on Monday asking for advice on employment cases.  When I didn't get an answer on Tuesday, I called the office directly.  replied Matt Fisher, and for forty minutes I and he spoke of the advantages of my case.  He was kind and very helpful.  On Wednesday, I got an email from Monday followed by a call from Matt da Vega.  He and I had a wonderful conversation for 15 minutes, reaffirming all the things we had learned before, and understanding the situation more deeply.  This location is recommended. They correctly kept me away from the incident, but they were patient and spent a long time on the phone with me.  Thank you both.

12/26/2020 06:25am



I have a wonderful experience with Matthew da Vega. He is sensitive, useful, and patient. He is friendly.  He explained complex legal terms and procedures in a simple way, helped me understand, and answered my miscellaneous questions.

01/03/2021 08:45am



Matt did a great job with my advice.  He gave me advice and suggestions about how to deal with my situation.  Thank you for your help. Thank you for your continued support.

01/01/2021 10:57pm



The legal question is the car accident involving my husband. I called the law firm to go and get a promise, but I spoke directly to one of the partners I thought, Matt Fisher. He was very kind and took a busy day off to answer my questions and give me advice, even though I can't take up my problem. In fact, he advised me not to pursue this case because it would take me time and money. Compassion for strangers in times of trouble! His advice, unlike other lawyers, was very rich, unlike lawyers who try to appeal unnecessarily to their customers. Matt, thank you! Do your best!

12/28/2020 06:25am