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I specialize in the advice of the Employment Law for employees and employees. I deal in all areas of the Employment Law, including retirement, retirement contracts, discriminatory fees, wages and time issues. They also conduct unique and cost effective anti-sexual harassment training.

I am a lawyer and consultant in charge of personnel affairs. " nuts" to the AWS Management Console. HR Services"soop" is to go to the kitchen, set up the posters, provide a handbook, and provide recruitment materials for new employees. &By Amplifier;#34; Nut & Amplifier; #34; I mean that I don't want managers to be distracted by all employment laws and regulations.

For me, I'm experienced as a judge and a person manager.

Judy P.
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Judy is really kind and takes care as everybody says. I was consulted with her on the phone about my poor working environment. She didn't think the conversation would hurry, she listened with empathy and gave clear logical advice. Personally, I am not yet a point in need of legal representation. Her HR experience is very useful for people who need to know where to start. I will contact her whenever I need a legal person.

12/31/2020 06:11am



I have an insurance company and have a lot of connections with the Affoldable Care Act (ACA) Fortunately, I was introduced to Judy Pearce on HR Results.  She is not a lawyer but a human resources consultant.  I can't find many combinations.  One of the businesses I guaranteed was Judy and I wanted her to know about the work she did for their company.  Since we met, the results of Judy and HR have helped me and many clients to fulfill the crazy mission of the Department of Labor in Obama Care.  Thanks, Judy!

12/27/2020 09:22pm