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We've been founded for 10 years based on Eric Hartnett's experience in litigation, creating legal strategies, and giving trade advice for fiercely competitive real estate. Eric chose to open his office to better serve his customers' needs.

Established in 2016


Our main practice is the Real Estate Act, the Loan and Seizure Act, the Business Act, and the Civil Procedure. With regard to the Real Property Act, a customer shall be challenged with the following obligations: the Real Property Act, the sale and purchase transaction of real estate, the status of a mechanic, the defect in construction, the matter of escrow, classification, fraud, abuse of rights, unauthorized property rights, unauthorized property rights, location of real estate, joint appraisal, commercial lease, rights insurance, breach of contract, and the housing owner's organization. In particular, Eric Hartnett is often required to give real estate experts a presentation on a variety of topics. Regarding the Loan and Seizure Act, major financial institutions, private lenders, housing loan brokers, business lenders and individual lenders have provided advice on their respective legal rights. We provide legal support for the rights of creditors and the status of judicial and non-judicial seizure.

Eric Harnett has a strong background in real estate and business law.   He is a former partner of a good real estate company in Silicon Valley and has a lot of experience throughout his SME career.  Fortune 500 has a wide range of customers, from government and government agencies to individuals and small and medium businesses. The technology and expertise of  Eric's is recognized for repeated receipt of Super Deglees's Northern California Rising Star Award.

Canta Clara County, San Mateo County, Alameda Ameda County, Ameda A Ba Ba Ba Ba Ba Ba Ba Ba Ba Ba A Ba A Ar A Ar A A Ar A A A A Are Ba A A A A A San Francisco County, etc.), Sacramento, Los Angeles, San Diego, etc., represent customers across California.   Throughout the entire stage of the litigation (e.g., from initial client consultation to trial and decision collection), we have handled the problem.

Eric H.
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I'm glad Eric is on my side! We asked him to look into the contractors with the problem, he found the license problem and after six months of construction zone life, suddenly things began to happen. He does research and background work that you should discuss best, not just quote the law.

Eric is a lawyer to my client, and if you want a good lawyer, you have to say that he is the best.

12/30/2020 05:31am



Everything seemed to be going well. We found a house in a wonderful place and all the agents worked together to achieve the goal of buying a house in the Bay Area.

During the last walkthrough, the results were abnormal for the last minute and were incorrect. Events less than 1% in unexpected 11th hour...

I felt trapped. There was a legal situation like

Eric Hartnett wrote in his blog. It was a weekend when we left a message for Eric and thought he would answer on Monday. But he called us over the weekend, and after the first consultation he gave us hope.

Eric responded well, kind, very clear in communication, honest and very effective in his idea of success. He is tough and persistent, but has a keen sense of humor. As a result, a unique style of legal communication was born, and some people were happy that we were not the recipients.

He is on your side, not on your side. Eric was fearless and confident - as if David were against Goliath. In the end, the plan he spoke to earlier was successful and went ahead without going to court.

Eric is highly recommended for real estate-related legal assistance.

12/27/2020 08:09pm



I discussed certain legal issues with Eric and admitted that he was always patient, profitable, and ethical. I'm sure I'm confident because I know I treat my friends and customers with respect. His pricing system is fair and reasonable. In the case of real estate, I always call Eric.

12/25/2020 08:30pm



Hartnet recently helped me make promissory notes and credit certificates for the assets of San Mateo County. After several attempts to collect the debt in this letter, Hartnet helped us avoid the payback and avoid the default of the debt of the borrowers.  We are very grateful for Hartnet's expertise and his tactical actions to achieve a costly transaction for both sides.


12/31/2020 08:31pm



Eric was recommended to us about the real estate deal to buy a second house. He did a wonderful job, thorough, easy to talk, explaining our options. We are very pleased with his work and would like to strongly recommend him to those who need such legal services.

12/29/2020 06:30am



Hartnet helped us sell our house in San Mateo last year.  Now I live in New York, and I didn't use real estate agents, so it got a bit complicated.  He was so helpful that we didn't have to go back to California at all, and we could make the whole deal seamlessly from the other side.  He was very fast at responding to phone calls and emails and was a professional.  I strongly recommend him.

12/28/2020 11:00am