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Since 2006, Kevin has been helping consumers with large and small businesses. He has dealt with a four-quarter million-dollar car and a 200-dollar computer product case. He has helped fight companies like Ford and Dell, and he has also helped with corner car and store fraud. He focuses on helping abused people recover.

Established in 2013


We specialize in car fraud, lemon law, debt defense and fair debt recovery. If you don't know what help is available, please call us and tell us what you're talking about. Everyone is in trouble and asking for help. We want to help as many people as we can. We can call you anytime, so we can listen to you and help you free. In some cases, you may need a legal expression, or you may need a useful suggestion, or you may call someone else, but in any case, you may want to hear your story. It specializes in helping people who have been cut off and abused from California companies. These include defective products, false statements and lies during sales, the pursuit of old debts, and businesses that bother them. He has more than eight years of experience in California's automobile and consumer fraud, lemon law and other consumer lawsuits. Auto fraud happens when car dealers use you, mislead you, or suffer uncanny abuse. Dell also deals with lemon and warranty violations. When a debtor collector or credit card company follows a customer, it defends the debt. If you need to deal with them, please consult them for free. If a Collection of Debts is too aggressive, the Collection of Debts may go beyond the boundaries provided for in the Act for the Implementation of Fair Debts. We will help you assess your situation and to help you ensure that your legal rights are violated to stop harassment.

Kevin moved here to marry his wife Betney in 2006, so he came to Bay Area. They have four children and enjoy joining the community, especially through foster care and community theater.

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