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Law Offices of Steven D. Hoffman



In 1981, Hoffman established the law in Stevens Creek and DeAnza Blvd's "Crossroad." He crossed the city hall in Cubino and moved his office to Sunnyvale's South Murphy Street until the end of 2012. During the first 10 years of practice, Hoffman's office held an escrow to manage the sale of hundreds of Santa Clara County businesses with mass sales transfers and secured deals. His business field ranges from business formation and organization, real estate trading, and litigation involving construction defects. Hoffman also has his own qualification to help sell companies, housing and commercial real estate. Mr. Hoffman is proud of his ability to fill the gap and solve it as much as possible. He has a wide range of experience and customers from contractors to small and medium-sized companies. Review the practice areas and customer testimonials linked to this page.

Established in 1981


Real Estate Act support for private housing trade Tenant Issues landlord problem Commercial Lease Review Confirm House Lease SUPPORT FOR SALES OF RESIDENTIAL LAND BY SUPPORT TO REAL ESTATE BROKER/AGENCY Business Act Business Formation (LLC, S-Corp, C-Corp) Purchase or sale at work business contract review of business contracts personal injury car accident dog-eater &Slip Amplifier; Falls government demand claim for damages