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I soon realized that I'm not just complaining about what bad it is to react to my clients!   I was trying to send this lawyer a reply to my client about my inability to pay, but he refused to keep his promise.  Since the end of January (2.5 months), no reply has been made to this email and no reply has been made at all now.  There is this pattern among the clients, and I will contact him again rather than answering the other lawyer as he said. He sent more than 40 emails and over 30 calls to his phone last two weeks.  
I hired a law firm with the help of Jeff who lost his license to law due to unethical law practices. Both lawyers failed to meet the deadline or even respond after receiving payment for many messages. The next step is to file a complaint with the California State Lawyers Association. I know I'm not the first customer to have this problem with Jeff and Yuri. Former customers had a lot of complaints against Jeff in California. This law firm is the least responsive one I've ever dealt with. Save money and hire another law firm. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you encounter similar problems. In addition, we will jointly file complaints with the bar association.  I won't stop until I get a refund or the results of my case are met. Ben 720-635-1970

01/03/2021 03:42pm



Yuri is very useful and gives a clear answer to my immigration questions in a few minutes. I  He is very agile, having contacted me more than two or three times over the phone. I always go to ask him for legal help.

12/25/2020 06:44pm



Yuri is a wonderful lawyer. Together with Yuri, we worked on marriage based on the status adjustment from TN to permanent residents. He was learned, reassured us, and advanced the law as far as possible.  It was very easy and convenient to give him a hand, and Yuri gave us a promise outside our usual working hours. I don't think I need a lawyer anymore, but if that happens, I'll call Yuri first!

01/02/2021 10:29am



With regard to the Employment Act and the Immigration Act, lilies are thorough and know his laws. In a recent bad legal nightmare, I can tell you from my direct experience and legal consultation with me.

I tried to reach out to a lawyer who would advertise to work in this field, but none of them could reach me and the date of hearing arrived early.

Anyway, I contacted my friend Yuri and was given the legal weapons necessary to pass through a bunch of laws and documents.

Perfect, professional, reactive, and easy.
Anyone who advertises is recommended.

12/28/2020 07:55pm



Living in Utah, I first consulted Yuri about the complicated child custody, visits and child support cases in which my son's mother lives in the science fiction bay area.  Lilies were concise, intelligent, kind, practical, and generous (when you think of the cultural norms of the industry that prevent many lawyers from spending time, you'll get a fresh air). I would recommend anyone who is looking for a competent and knowledgeable lawyer, and I would feel good if there were people who would need to protect his job in the future, because I had someone who I could trust.

01/01/2021 03:30pm



I answered the questions about green cards in detail. It was a short call, so please charge me. If you have any questions about the Immigration Bureau, please come again.

01/03/2021 09:41am



He's thorough and very helpful..He responded to my call and helped me solve it  received from H1b consultant.  I really want to recommend him.

12/29/2020 11:31pm



I spoke to Yuri many times and asked about my options about my relationship with my wife in another state. He gave me little good thought and explained the process of divorce.  After all, there is a divorce in India, but I am grateful for Mr. Yuri's great help.

01/01/2021 11:56am



I had a good experience with him. He was flexible and explained everything to me clearly. He reviewed my pre-marriage agreement.

01/02/2021 08:45pm